Tabi-Sake Kurokawa-Onsen

KurokawaOnsen -Kumamoto-

A very famous spa resort not only in Kyushu, but also in all around the nation. For visitors who desire healing in hot spring, the ryokans work together and make a unified atmosphere. Kurokawa Onsen is valued high from many visitors as a place where it was good to visit.

醸造元 :Kumamoto Prefecture in 1932 founded Kawazu Shuzo Co., Ltd.
種類  :Hon jouzou sake
度数  :15%

コメント:This sake is brewed from rice of Kumamoto, water of Aso, and Kumamoto yeast.


to be prepared


Attractions of The Tabisake KurokawaOnsen

Kurokawa Onsen, where the atmosphere of Showa period flows, is small enough to go around in a day, but many souvenir shops and hot-spring hotel line up. If you use the bill to take a bath, you can enjoy all three hot springs in Kurokawa Onsen.

Yusuikyo About 90 thousand years ago, the pyroclastic flow of Mt. Aso and the erosion of the river made Yusuikyo. Yusuikyo is famous for fishing and the river using its geographical features. Of course, the just beautiful stream, but in spring the new green, in summer the firefly, in fall the red leaves, and in winter the white snow, you can enjoy the stream with all the features of each season.

Aso shrine Aso Shrine has a wide approach to the shrine and the approach also leads to Mt. Aso. Recently, it is popular for a spot hat has magical power, and people beg to the Negaigake no Ishi and Kousa no Matu.

Nabe ga Taki A rare waterfall in Japan where people can go inside the waterfall and see the back side of it. It was also a spot used for a commercial, and many people visit here to heal. The light up occurred during the Golden weeks in Japan creates a wondrous atmosphere.

A sake born with using all the nature raised in the grounds of Aso which is TABI SAKE Kurokawa Onsen. Please enjoy your drink with remembering the memories you spent in the hot spring.