Tabi-Sake Miyajima

Miyajima -Hirosima-

Miyajima is one of the three great views of Japan. A place where everyone wants to visit and see the view at least once and is the starting point of travel for Japanese people. Itsukushima Shrine registered as one of the world heritage places and buildings being the country’s important cultural property. Why don’t you enjoy the traditional Japanese sights and the rich nature which our predecessors have been fascinated by?

醸造元 :Hiroshima Prefecture in 1863 founded Fujii Shuzo Co., Ltd.
種類  :Junmai Sake
度数  :15%

コメント:Dry that there is taste


to be prepared

酒と器 久保田
9:00~18:00 (定休 水曜日)
4宮島 久保田
広電 宮島ガーデン
8:40~17:30 (シースン期間は時間延長あり)
4 宮島 広電宮島ガーデン

Attractions of The Tabisake Miyajima

Travelers not only from Japan but also from all over the world visit Miyajima. The attractions of it after all are the amount of highlights it has: world heritage, three great views of Japan, important cultural property, and etc. The island itself earned respect as the god and is filled with places that are mysterious and a solemn atmosphere.

Itsukushima shrine At high tide, the Itsukushima Shrine reveals itself as if it is floating on the ocean. It is still remaining the form when it was first built by Kiyomori Taira, and is a designated National Treasure. The figure which is surrounded by the ocean is very mysterious and at nighttime when the shrine is lighten up, it makes us feel the history even more.

Odorii The red Odorii is one of the symbols of Miyajima. At high tide, people can see the figure as if it is floating on the ocean, but at low tide people can walk to the Odorii. When seen at a close distant, people can find a sign of the moon on the west side of the torii and a sign of the sun on the east side of it. People should be able to feel a solemn atmosphere along with the influence of Yin and Yang road.

Five-storied Pagoda The five-storied pagoda which is an important cultural property is standing by the Toyokuni Shrine, also an important cultural property, has a form of absolutely gorgeousness. The figure which is a mixture of Japan and Tang is absolutely beautiful and attracts many tourists.

A traditional drop made from the sake brewery that has a history of 150 years in Hiroshima. TABI SAKE Miyajima is potable along with the mysterious view of Miyajima. Please enjoy slowly along with the memories of the trip.